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Our fight is about saving Coodham. It's about letting people in Ayrshire and those interested in the wider world know that this place could soon be destroyed. As a group we are a lone voice against a corporate organisation with seemingly endless money to throw at this project. We hope by doing everything we can to publicise this new application and what it will do, we can encourage organisations and individuals with interest in preserving natural Scotland, wildlife and woodland to lend us support whether that be in deed or name only. 


In late 1987 the Passionist Father's sold Coodham to a devlopment company and so came the end of the period where Coodham's owner would care unequivocally about Coodham, its beauty and tranquillity. This was the beginning of the time when it would be seen by its owners primarily as an opportunity for profit and, as we see with the latest application, typically at no care of the cost on that beauty and tranquillity.


While the following decade saw the house decline due to theft, lack of care and eventually fire; the fact the Estate was allowed to live on [with a small amount of voluntary maintenance by those residences within the Estate] ensured, though the land became a little wild, it still prospered in diversity and animal & plant life.


Then in 1998 the previously speculative property developers decided to step up their game; over several years different owners or potential owners submitted various planning applications, all of which were rejected or inexplicably withdrawn.


In 2001 Coodham came into the ownership of Goldrealm Properties; and there

followed 12 years of an onsite presence by this company but also a faster

deterioration of the Estate within that period than seen when the house and land

was virtually abandoned. An accidentally emptied lake then refilled with building

refuge, manicured lawns & grass borders turned into weed beds, tarmacadem roads

ripped up, random & numerous specimen trees ripped down, residents bullied,

A-listed walls bust down and the list goes on. A decade of abuse and neglect.


After various applications Goldrealm were finally granted permission for 12

properties within the derelict mansion house and 41 individual homes. The homes

were granted under the terms that they were to fund the restoration of the mansion

house - an enabling development.


At the time of permission being granted many commented that finances to restore

what was a burned out roof-less, derelict building which was lucky to still be

standing, was unlikely to be possible on the back of the enabling properties

granted. Yet clearly, Goldrealm, the planning applicant, believed they had done

their sums and the 41 properies was sufficient to fund the restore of the mansion



Perhaps, unsurprisingly, a decade later the developer claimed their original

application was not enough and they needed to make more money.  Their solution?

Building more houses and the proposal to increase their development within

Coodham by 200%. 120 homes in various sizes and price brackets but all combining

to simply remove the remainder of Coodham's woodland and replace it with houses.


In early 2014, the planning application for these additional houses was

unexpectedly and inexplicably withdrawn before South Ayrshire Council could pass



By 2016, Coodham House had been restored and Goldrealm had managed to finish

2 houses and establish foundations on 1 more. No more planning applications from

them had come forth. In 2016/2017 it emerged that Goldrealm Properties had gone

in to liquidation.


The Estate has now been sold to an unknown buyer. To date, we do not know the

identity of this buyer. We only know they are refered to as a "backer" by the

companies fronting the new development. These companies are Allandale

Investments, L&M Survey Services and KM Property Consultants.


We know little about what is now planned for Coodham. More houses? More

damage? And with what justification it will be made.  


Coodham has been through decades of  abuse and mismanagement. We truly

hope we are not about to start this cycle all over again and see more of this ancient

woodland and glorious natural habitat destroyed.

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Before the 41 house application


After the 41 house application