We are exactly what this website suggests - Friends of Coodham. The Friends of Coodham website and action group has been established by residents of Coodham Estate. We do not hide what we are and what our purpose is here. We have a simple mission - To preserve Coodham; to fight to maintain it as a green and wonderful place for people to enjoy, plants to flourish and wildlife to live.
















Coodham House has been redeveloped over a 10 year period into a property of 6 flats and 3 individual units. In order to finance this development of the derelict mansion house an original application of 41 houses was submitted to South Ayrshire Council and requested be passed as an "enabling" development. This planning application was passed, the mansion house has been restored and building had been started on the enabling properties. To date, 18th December 2017, only 2 of these 41 properties have been completed (plus 1 partial build). The rest of the estate has been allowed to remain home to history and the wild.


Approx 12-18 months ago the company who owned the estate were put into liquidation. While we hoped this could be good news for Coodham, the liquidators went on to sell the estate to an, as yet, unknown buyer. Unfortunately this means a new development proposal and a whole new set of "companies" determined to make money from Coodham. We know very little about the "backers" involved in the new applications but the new face of the development appears to be KM Property Consultants Ltd/Allanvale Investments/L&M Survey Services.


Friends of Coodham believe in the preservation of Coodham as a place members of the public can visit to enjoy a natural and ancient woodland, a place which should be allowed to continue as a biodiverse habitat that is at the heart of Scotland's beliefs in being a green and natural country.

Our eventual hope is that Coodham can be taken out of the endless cycle of money making speculation but in the meantime we must again fight to prevent another green part of Scotland being destroyed.





We are not asking you for money, we are not asking you to become a Friend of Coodham and devote all your time to this cause. We are asking for help and advice. If you remember Coodham, if you know Coodham, if you believe that we should not continue to allow Scotland's green areas to be built over in the pursuit of money, please consider supporting us and supporting Coodham.

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