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Situated approximately 25 miles southwest of Glasgow in west central Scotland, Coodham is roughly equidistant between the three main towns centres in Ayrshire: Kilmarnock, Irvine and Ayr. Just off the A77 trunk road, Coodham is only 45 minutes from Glasgow city centre. This location means that some 130,000 people live within 20 minutes by car of Coodham. Indeed if one extends the journey time to 1 hour, some 1.2 million people fall within driving distance. Yet despite this population density, Coodham provides a wonderfully natural and tranquil environment. An oasis of countryside in a relatively heavily populated area.



Fortunately right now the majority of Coodham remains a wild habitat; allowing growth of a woodland environment with little interferance from man. This is how Friends of Coodham hope the Estate will remain.

Coodham's flora and fauna is diverse and varied. There are many permanent residents and many irregular or seasonal visitors. Unfortunately we have no definitive list; however something we hope to have to present as part of our objection to this application is a more detailed survey. If you can help us in this area we would greatly appreciate it.

Many of the unique specimens planted in Houldsworth's time remain on the Estate, easy to spot even amoungst the natural flora. Coodham's wildlife covers everything from bats and hedgehogs to foxes, deer and even otter. While bird life is centred for many on the swan family which live on the lake the heron, owls, buzzards and other small birds should never be overlooked.



The Estate is 95 acres in size and sits in South Ayrshire at its border with East Ayrshire. It is home to 5 cottages, a converted Stable Block a converted manor house and, to date, 2 large new individual properties. Although some what destroyed due to work on the new development the Estate is also home to a couple of Victorian follys, an Ice House and a Walled Garden which in its hay day was the envy of many local landowners.  Of course pride of place in the centre of the Estate is a large ornamental lake; one of only a couple of bodies of water in Scotland which are known as man-made "lakes".